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Three advantages of high quality kitchen and toilet products

Shilin Group (Germany) Technology GmbH was established in 1976, with international large-scale equipment to ensure the quality of products.

With persistent innovation and aesthetic artistic pursuit, Shilin has become the synonym of the best quality, the most precise and reliable and the most trustworthy brand.

Brand development history
  • 1972

    The brand was established

    One of the modern factories of kitchen electricity

    Electrical Appliance Brand Company, founded in 1976, originated from Germany, is an international high-end home appliance brand, with intelligent home appliances and kitchen electricity as the core product line.
  • 1997

    Take the lead in the cabinet industry, to promote the franchise business model, the implementation of European style cabinet design, manufacturing, and according to the standard cabinet production, pricing, sales;
  • 2002

    It takes the lead in adopting German embedded silent anti-collision strip technology to open up a new era of dustproof, anti-collision, insect-proof, silent and environmental protection in the kitchen;
  • 2003

    China Market Research Center rated "China Quality, Service, Credit AAA Enterprise";
  • 2005

    Germany's top manufacturer of home appliances and commercial appliances, one of the world's most famous luxury brands of home appliances
  • 2006

    German integral kitchen won the "Cabinet Classic Creativity Award" in the first China Cabinet Design Competition of MAX Cup;
  • 2007

    German integrated kitchen in Guangzhou, Xiamen, Las Vegas, the United States has achieved impressive performance;
  • 2008

    The first through China's green certification - is one of the early cabinets standards to obtain this certification of the brand.
  • 2009

    The industry and commerce awarded "2009 China cabinet industry credit AAA level enterprise ".
  • 2012

    New product upgrade, from the use of materials, appearance design to product accessories have made innovative adjustments. Carry forward the integration and innovation of enterprise operation
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